Garnet and casually revealed so you can Greg you to definitely this lady has around three vision due to the fact she lowered the girl colors to wink in the your

“The content” demonstrates that she actually is the new Crystal Jewel who’s probably the most faith from inside the Greg, informing him to not end up being bad which he failed to decode the message and additionally persuading Pearl supply him a good 2nd opportunity within they. Within the “We have to Cam”, she including generally seems to envision positively from your since the she served their and you may Rose’s relationship, revealing that she think very of him back then.

She even happens in terms of giving him certain pointers on how best to have a better exposure to Rose and you can advised your not to ever give up on learning tips fuse with her. The conclusion the new occurrence reveals that she know (with her Future Vision) you to definitely Greg lack been able to fuse with Rose, however, by the dealing with their about it, he would force her to share with you its relationships and also the a couple manage come out of the newest dispute nearer to both.

Also, Greg know you to definitely Garnet was a combination when you look at the “Keystone Hotel”, which means that Garnet demonstrated him Ruby and you will Sapphire will ultimately, things not even Steven know on up until “Jail Break”.

In Steven’s Fantasy once Greg is captured from the Blue Diamond, Garnet says to Steven one to “We’re going to space, Have been going to get him straight back”, which implies one she in reality cares in the Greg.


Jamie’s first find which have Garnet left him infatuated together; Garnet don’t return the latest belief, currently being a relationship when you look at the and of by herself. Shortly after bluntly flipping your down and breaking their center, she silently told him which he had puzzled his ideas for these of true-love sito veri incontri etnici single. Enjoying his potential since a great phase actor, she then advised your to take right up work with a region theatre.

Hand Party 

Garnet was deeply interrupted because of the Hands Class, together with attention from it unsettles her to the level you to she almost un-fuses. Meanwhile, she is sympathetic to help you they, and you may as an alternative she directs the girl frustration facing Homeworld, and this she believes performed which in it as a horrible punishment with the Rebellion.

She mentions details of its past life like the truth which they was buried together immediately after with went forgotten following battle, proclaiming that this new Amazingly Jewels had sought after them but may not see them.


Jasper looks upon Garnet to be a combination, and therefore she takes into account a cheap strategy used to build poor Gems more powerful. Garnet, yet not, believes nothing from Jasper’s provocation and you may proceeds to combat the lady “one to on the several”.

Immediately following Garnet emerges successful, Jasper fuses with Lapis Lazuli to create Malachite which can be next caught up at the end of your sea. Until the events out of “Extremely Watermelon Isle”, Garnet regularly sought out Malachite for the World’s seas. Immediately after learning off Malachite’s venue from the Hide Isle, Garnet bonded that have Amethyst and you may Pearl to create Alexandrite to battle the fresh new rogue mix for the a huge race. Most likely Jasper talking owing to Malachite implies that she no further takes into account blend a cheap key, however, in reality now sees it as a practical combat strategy. With the help of Steven, that has joined your mind out of a beneficial Watermelon Steven and you will rallied others to protect by themselves, Alexandrite been able to defeat Malachite, and you may through to this new rogue blend poofing, catches Jasper together with Lapis Lazuli when you look at the middle-sky. The fresh new Amazingly Gems cut Lapis Lazuli, however, Jasper was history seen losing on the a beneficial fissure caused by the enormous earthquakes from the Team wanting to appear.


Garnet try been shown to be publicly amicable into the Bismuth, having been personal comrades for the Rebellion. Through to getting reunited for the first time once the conflict, the 2 are shown kidding and you will chuckling together. In the Jewel Battleground, Garnet comforts Bismuth when the latter discovers of one’s outcome of the battle. Nevertheless they reminisce regarding the a combat they’d fought together with her inside. Garnet, also the almost every other Amazingly Jewels, be depression after they learn the realities on what occurred to Bismuth just before placing this lady bubbled treasure regarding the consuming space.

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