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EDITOR’S NOTICE: the outcomes of the review are in no chance intended to be scientifically or statistically accurate. This is just intended for enjoyable. Put simply, you should not ensure you get your panties in a whole lot. ?

Because of this year’s gender issue, the editors with the Statesman chose to restore a classic customs. For the first time in four years, we requested our very own customers to pour their unique guts and participate in an anonymous sex study. A hundred and thirty-four of you increased into the celebration. Here are the success you’ve all come looking forward to.


The median years our respondents have sex the very first time ended up being 17. Ten people have not got gender however (don’t concern, some time can come.)

Human Body Amount:

Typically, our readers had around eight intimate lovers. This altered slightly when you handled for gender. Girls got around seven associates an average of and males have around five. Twenty-five of you have only slept with one individual (up until now.) Certainly one of your reported having 45 sexual lovers (congrats on sex.)

Sex Acts/Positions:

There have been a couple of, shall we state, unique sex acts/positions tossed into the mix (the private favorites integrate “folding patio couch,” “speed bump” and “the lotus,”) but most of you trapped on classics.

Thirteen people preferred the cowgirl place and reverse cowgirl will get a honorable state with seven ballots. Oral and missionary fastened for 2nd destination with 16 ballots each. But doggystyle won in a landslide with a massive 49 ballots.

The number one method the participants satisfied their particular sexual couples is through matchmaking programs, with 43 everyone voting for this alternative. DEVELOPED BY REBECCA LIEBSON


This concern ended up being more difficult to measure. The vast majority of your mentioned something along the lines of “BDSM,” “submission” or “dominance.” When it comes to remainder of you, we applaud your sincerity. Here happened to be the the most popular feedback:

  • “Eating ass”
  • “Exhibitionist.”
  • “Furry, dog gamble.”
  • “School girl character gamble.”
  • “Pretending im an egyptian queen and my spouse is one of a fabswingers kody promocyjne lot of in a lengthy type of men hopeless to kindly me.”
  • “Financial control.”

Urban myths about sex:

As got confirmed by this study, everyone most likely could have benefitted from some sex degree program at one-point in our lives. Right here happened to be many of the craziest urban myths about sex you all used to think:

  • “That virginity is available! It’s a social build regularly oppress us!”
  • “That the hymen was actually like a sheet of paper that tore.”
  • “Mastrubation many times results in loss of sight.”
  • “A blowjob had been only a kiss in the dick.”
  • “i do believe whenever I had been young, I thought that you could simply rely on saliva as a kind of lube hence that might be sufficient.”
  • “That if someone else arrived within you it actually was merely injected, not too it can trickle of you.”
  • “That when turned on your penis would sit straight-up, line parallel with the human body.”
  • “The a lot more gender you’ve got the ‘looser’ you can get literally.”
  • “You pee in ladies receive all of them pregnant.”
  • “we learned the term ‘sexy’ from Donkey in Shrek, and no person would tell me what it designed. In last class, my friend stated it actually was if your moms and dads sleep-in similar bed, and so I think I thought it actually was just cuddling. I also believe kids were sent from paradise after you hitched the real love. I Became truly dumb.”
  • “I always envision women simply performedn’t bring anything down there.”
  • “If a female eats way too much calcium supplements she will have a baby.”

For favored sex positions/acts, doggystyle won in a landslide with an astonishing 49 votes. PRODUCED BY REBECCA LIEBSON

Traditions and intercourse:

Never to have all Freudian on you but, the manner by which we are lifted absolutely performs a giant character in the way we view sex. Here’s just how all of our readers mentioned that their own social upbringing influenced their unique opinions about sex:

  • “I became brought up to trust you had to hold back unless you were partnered having intercourse and therefore gender is something Jesus wanted you to definitely have only with someone for your whole life if in case you did or you would check-out hell.”
  • “we spent my youth in a non-religious, liberal conditions seeing they casually; I’ve appear today to look at that attitude however as naive. Informal gender and libertarian methods to sex undermine the enchanting ties vital that you sustaining social cohesion.”
  • “i believe because I experienced family that have been pregnant adolescents, my personal mommy pressed for birth control whenever she revealed i was sexually effective. Apart From That sex had not been talked-about at all and I also learned all about it from sex ed and on my own personal.”
  • “Was scared I would be sorry or become pregnant despite every care and shelter.”
  • “i’ve a fairly open-minded look at sex. My personal mother is pretty hippie, would what makes you pleased, etc, and this’s the things I believe. It’s not at all something is uncomfortable of, or something like that dirty/bad. It’s close (if you need that it is) or casual (if you want it this way), it can be a holy, spiritual thing, or just a physiological demand.”
  • “we never ever have the intercourse chat, most likely because my personal parents are extremely old-fashioned and believe in modesty, as a result it had been things uneasy in order for them to think of. I realized it out from class, e-books and films, so when i obtained more mature, I’d communicate with my pals about any of it. Speaing Frankly About it nonetheless renders myself uneasy, possibly because it got therefore taboo expanding up?”
  • “The a lot of gender I experienced ended up being from us television and films. I’m personal about my sex life. don’t display any information with individuals apart from my personal companion. but I’m also not ashamed.”
  • “Sexual activity is most effective in a partnership that I become holds true.”
  • “The Pornhub and Brazzers tradition positively misled me and my opinions regarding just what women enjoyed or acted like during the room. After conducting some research, You will find determined that they indeed never inquire in which their particular additional sausage is regarding the pizza pie and then proceed to grab the delivery driver’s cock.”

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